Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 1

I have come to realize that, for me, music is not an interest, not a hobby. It is an absolute necessity, as much as food, water, and air. A day without music is not like a day without sunshine, it is a day without life.

I find myself pushed into creating this blog for a number of reasons. One is it gives me an excuse to listen to more music - very good. It also gives we a way to share my finds with others, and I hope for them to share with me - a way to make connections to score my next hit.

It also will let me play with HTML, I hope.

As a start, let me share this video (technically a slide show, I suppose). The images are courtesy of Kat Dennis, of Katagram Studios. The music is by Julie Hoest. More about them later.

Julie Hoest is a singer/songwriter who absolutely overwhelms me with her music. She has been performing in Colorado and nationally since the 1980s, although not continuously. This track is from her third album, 'Never Far', available from CD Baby, iTunes, and various other outlets. Her first two albums are also excellent, though sadly now out of print. They can still be obtained if one tries hard enough, I think. More about Julie at

Kat Dennis is a Colorado native, born in Denver and a life time resident. This, I think, gives her the heart and eye to capture Colorado as it truly is. She is a freelance photographer and the owner of KatagramStudios, a small, one person photography studio. Some samples are visible at

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